Introduction to Reggio Inspired Practice: Participant Reflections

Diane and I found the inaugural offering of this intensive summer course in July, 2013 to be joyous, transformational, magical and wondrous. See some of the participant tweets, blogs and reflections below:

Last week I had the good fortune to attend what I can only describe as the most meaningful professional learning opportunity I have ever taken part in. Friends who follow me through social media no doubt already know what an amazing time it was, as they have watched the week unfold through twitter pics and snippets of conversations shared on vine. Diane and Louise felt like friends already, from conversations shared about deeply held convictions, both on their Technology Rich Inquiry Based Research blog, and on twitter… Diane and Louise embody the practice that they wished to impart: learners and teachers co-constructing learning through shared experiences, not a one-way transmission of ideas from those with all the answers.

Laurel and her marble run team

We are all experiencing a week in a Reggio Inspired learning environment with two excellent guides at our side!  We have… teachers as partners and a community of learners.  We are educators who see children as capable, more than capable, wondrous.  We are immersed in environments that are rich with opportunities to explore, question, build, and create.  Explore ideas, question anything, build relationships, and create theories.  We are surrounded by an environment that invites investigation and collaboration.”

Helen Kristine and Louise with joy

…giving us time to explore, touch, manipulate, talk, create, talk more, and play… is powerful. And then giving time to talk about it together, to reflect of people’s questions and noticings? Such good modelling for how we can do it daily in our classroom. Tying the theory in with our readings during debrief time made the theory come alive. You all did manage to offer a course while following that most important idea: “nothing without joy.

kids connect (@KinderFynes)

Dialouge around light with Diane

…the course was transformational. Your passion for Reggio inspired learning is infectious. Brilliant course in design and delivery.

Helen Reflection

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