Inspired by a Thoughtful Comment

Recently one of our readers sent the following comment:

Bianca commented on The Three Elements of the Documentation Process– Moving beyond Display to Interpretation

This makes so much sense…our perspective is only one of many. Inviting the voices of our learning community into the cycle of documentation allows the magic to take flight and meander in so many directions, with so many possibilities. Take away the ‘display’ factor and it becomes so much more meaningful and relevant. Thank you for sharing.

…and Diane responded:

Hi Bianca,

Your choice of words to describe the documentation process was so inspiring that we decided to create a wordle ( to make them visual! As Malaguzzi (1998) has said, “teachers must leave behind an isolated, silent mode of working, which leaves no traces” (p. 69). Documentation is the key to leaving traces of multiple voices. It is an authentic practice that values individuals within a group context. Here is a trace of your perspectives!


We wanted to share  another “wordle” on our blog to illustrate how this technology can be used as an analytical tool. When we created this next “wordle” all we did was enter the url of this blog and this is what came up. The words that were used more often appear larger! Thank you Bianca for your inspiration!


2 thoughts on “Inspired by a Thoughtful Comment

  1. Absolutely honoured by the manner in which you heard, responded and documented my thoughts…you have provided me with first hand evidence of how a learning community may draw upon the perceptions of one individual to invite reflection and new possibilities. Thank you.


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