Capacity and Competency in the Early Years Online Course

This is the second course offered by Dominion Learning Institute of Canada in the Reggio Emilia Approach category. It is entitled: Capacity and Competency in the Early Years. It focuses on the image of the child, the image of the educator and the image of families. Images can be framed and reframed as we work together to understand the impact that our images of ourselves, children, families, and colleagues has on our lives … as educators and humans. In the Reggio Emilia Approach the child is seen as being made of 100 hundred languages. This image of capacity and competency suggests a child rich in potential. It suggests an expressive child who can build theories. The same can be said of teachers and families. This course will help you define, revisit and redefine your views and their impact on the early years. Here is an example of what is available when you take these courses: